Answers to some frequently asked questions:


Why are you a handyman?  I am a problem solver.  I find great satisfaction when I fix something that has broken, modify a system to make it more efficient, or restore a structure to its original state.  I knew I would enjoy being a handyman because the job is all about solving problems related to customers’ homes.

What makes you qualified to be a handyman?  First, I am a licensed contractor.  Contractors who provide services in more than one “special skill” must be licensed, and I provide services in the categories of carpentry, interior finishing, exterior finishing, drywall and plaster, roofing, and general installation specialties.  Second, I am experienced. From January 2013 through May 2015 I owned and operated Twin Cities Home Repair in Minnetonka, Minnesota.  In fact, my entire life has been spent in the lumber and construction industry.  I grew up in Grand Marais, Minnesota, and spent several summers working at the family business, the Hedstrom Lumber Mill.  Third, I am educated.  I earned a B.S. in Wood and Paper Science from the College of Natural Resources at the U of M – Twin Cities.  During college I worked as a contractor’s assistant and completed several internships in the lumber industry.  After college I managed a lumber treating plant in Duluth.  By hiring me to work on your home, you are benefiting from a lifetime of experience in the lumber and construction industry.

Why did Twin Cities Home Repair become Town & Country Home Repair?  Besides being a handyman, I am also a family man.  In May 2015, my wife and I decided to move back to her hometown in rural Watonwan County, Minnesota.  While I was sad to leave my metro customers, we were excited to live in the country, help out with the family farm, and be part of the local community.

Why should I hire a handyman?  While most people are capable of doing handyman work, the question is whether that is the best use of your limited and valuable free time.  Town & Country Home Repair exists to maintain your elderly relative’s home so you can take them to brunch; to install updates in your rental unit while you relax with your family, and to build your deck or patio during the work day so you can enjoy it with your friends at night.   You can trust me to work on your home as if it were my own, and to conduct my business in an honest, ethical and God-honoring manner.  Thank you for considering Town & Country Home Repair.


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