Examples of projects that Justin has completed since July 2012:

  • Remodeled a bathroom: installed new toilet, sink, and light fixtures; drywalled; painted; tiled.
  • Removed lathe and plaster ceiling and installed a new drywall ceiling.
  • Installed IKEA cabinets, butcher block counter tops, and a farmhouse sink.
  • Framed and drywalled closets.
  • Framed a new wall.
  • Custom-built and painted a pair of 71″ window boxes.
  • Installed wood trim.
  • Installed laminate flooring.
  • Installed windows.
  • Custom-built a wooden column wrap.
  • Replaced screen doors and interior doors.
  • Repaired second-story deck and built new railing.
  • Patched missing shingles on a roof.
  • Replaced a roof vent.
  • Replaced a bathroom fan.
  • Removed a stove pipe from a roof and repaired the resulting hole.
  • Stained decks, fences, and wood outdoor furniture.
  • Replaced rotting boards on decks, rotting fence posts, rotting boards on stair treads.
  • Indoor painting.
  • Reinforced shelving unit.
  • Pressure-washed exterior siding.
  • Replaced/patched missing exterior siding.
  • Removed old linoleum and installed marmoleium.
  • Installed smoke detectors.
  • Replaced faucets.
  • Installed a card-entry system at a fraternity house.
  • Set up and maintain hand sanitizers at local shopping centers.
  • Demoed a small shed.
  • Repaired wood-pecker holes in siding.
  • Replaced exterior window trim.
  • Experienced at hanging pictures.

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